I did not notice you when I arrived,
did you see me?
Then, wow,
I caught a glimpse of your glorious show
outside Bodhi House.

When the days were warm,
with a seemingly limitless blue sky,
I walked the space.
Between your brilliant crimson,
and the Gingko, flickering in gold, I walked.

When the skies darkened and filled with windswept downpours and awe-inspiring lighting,
You stood firm.
This meteorological drama, a forerunner to the still and frosty nights that followed.
How nature took its toll on you.

You stand now.
A few tattered leaves clinging to your bare branches.

You stand.
With equanimity, uncertain of what the coming winter will bring.

You stand.
With faith, confident of the spring, already waiting patiently, deep inside you.